Velanche smiling at a record store.Welcome local and global friends, acquaintances, show fans, music professionals, and the rest of you to Velanche’s site, hosted by…me!

I am the host and producer of the long-running radio show and podcast, Urban Landscapes. which originally ran from 1998-2011 on KCPR, now back in 2015 after I’ve been asked about it time and time again. I’m all in and back on the pace for fresh new music from around the globe, keeping lock step with the spirit of all things jazzy and soulful. The show, once again, is all about “sharing choice beats with the earth.” You can catch it live Monday nights, or listen later once the show is available online.

I also currently host a show I co-founded in 2004 called Club 91, which is a live club mix show on KCPR. The show itself is now seven nights a week, with me hosting Monday nights. Here, you can find mixes for the show by clicking on the Club 91 link above.

You can find previous episodes of my most recent show, Velanche’s Playtime, along with the playlists, as well as archives to the early edition of Urban Landscapes show going back to 2005. Other content includes interviews with respected musicians, vocalists and producers from around the globe, as well as exclusive mixes, and much more.

Join me on Twitter, and stay up-to-date to keep in touch on when Urban Landscapes will be back on-air. A Facebook page will be up soon, too.

Thanks for stopping by, and do tell your friends!