Album Review: Leo Gandelman – Vip Vop (Far Out)

Leo Gandelman CD Cover
Artist: Leo Gandelman
Title: Vip Vop
Label: Far Out
Format: CD/Digital

Brazilian saxophonist Leo Gandelman brings over 30 years of musical knowledge and experience to “Vip Vop,” his newest album for London’s Far Out Recordings and his 11th overall. He comes correct with all original compositions that showcases his attention to the finer details of his classical and jazz roots, mainly steeped in Brazilian samba influences. Surrounding himself with competent talent, song after song Gandelman displays impeccable mastery of his craft, sidestepping the kind of monotomy that can suck the soul out of most contemporary jazz releases. The title track, known as “Very Important People” in English, is reminiscent of some of the best modal jazz of the 1970’s, with enough swing and vitality to carry itself forward until the very last note. For a mellower side, feel free to explore “Neshama (To My Father),” a sweet, warm and delicate number that captures that loving feeling that Gandelman must have for his father. “Vip Vop” is another fine addition to Far Out’s recording catalog, and worthy of exploration for lovers of jazz, samba, and fine music in general.

Videos of songs from Leo Gandelman’s “Vip Vop” album.