Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes – Show 16.16

Not sure how surprising this news is, but it’s true that, at least for the foreseeable future, this is my last edition of Urban Landscapes.

Stop me, if you heard this before; old news, yes? Sometimes, what I hoe to do, and what actually happens, can collide. It turns out that my current aspiration, music production, takes more time than I’ve been devoting. Preparations for the show also took time to prepare, to do it, and all of the post-production to give it to you, week-after-week.

I can’t say for sure yet if I’ll revisit it, but I know that letting it go is the right thing to do.

And with that, I give you a new show with an uptempo mix that I hope you’ll enjoy…loads of new joints, alongside a few recent favorites to round it all out.

So there you have it. Thank you for listening. Thanks to Hal and the folks at 97.3 The Rock in Morro Bay, California, for giving me a spot to share the incredible music with you. Of course, big ups to the promoters, the artists, the labels, and everyone working hard to keep independent music flowing. Most of all, thanks to all of my listeners…you are terrific. Keep the Urban Landscapes feed burning, and keep you eyes on the blog. I will have mixes, and let you know of other things as they come, perhaps even some music that I’ll share too.

Stay well and good, and again…many thanks!


Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes – Show 16.16
July 30, 2016

Song – Artist – Label
Yeap – JP Soul – Roam
Party On – JP Soul – Roam
Secret River Freaks
Make Your Body Move – Doug Gomez – Toy Tonics
Get Into – Sandy Turnbull – Galleria
Sex – Black Loops – Toy Tonics
Orca (John Tejada Remix) – SevenDoors – Exploited
Gohar – Shahrokh Dini – Compost
Milarepa – Jag Kiranmay – Seva
Nightcall (Rare Candy Remix) – Max Olsen Feat. Nika Dostur – DRNCD
See The Line feat. Angela – Lopezhouse – Exploited
Dancin’ – Full Intention – Full Intention
Housego – Greenside (Oldskool Flava Mix)
Love Life (GF Dub Mix) – Genetic Funk & Michelle Weeks – Grounded
Tomorrow (Josh Feedblack Remix) – Mavee Feat. Maria Angeli – VillaHangar
Ten Miles High (Derrick Carter Dub) – Roison Murphy – PIAS
Going On (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix) – Pixel82 – Toy Tonics
Fear – ENNE – Karmaloft
Waterfalls – Moritz Butschek feat. Ferdinand Zar – Toy Tonics
Ice Cream (Extended Mix) – Soundopamine – Krafted
When There Was House (QuestionmarQ Remix) – Corrugated Tunnel feat. Droze – Vision Collective
The Man Who Lived Underground (Ricardo Villalobos Remix One) – Freaks – Music ForFreaks