Freshening Up 2017

Happy New Year, good people.

2016 has been a continuation of a few transitional years that I’ve gone through, throwing out some things, trying out others, and trying to find out what works. The period has been interesting. Really, the year has been interesting, and not just because of the crazy political campaign that has turned into political crazytown. It’s also because of the juggling that I’ve been doing that needed some reigning in.

If you’re good to yourself, hopefully you’ve taken the time to assess what the previous year has brought you in terms of your goals and objectives for the year, and you’ve by now decided how to proceed. I, too, have taken some time to figure things out. And while I”m unsure if I’ve completed fleshed out everything, I think that at least I have some anchors to play with, knowing of those other things that are best left on the shelf. For instance, attempting to resurrect Urban Landscapes as a weekly radio show just wasn’t going to work in the end. Preparing for the show took a great deal of time in of itself, but then other things related, from the weekly transpiration that was getting both time-consuming and expensive, to the need to have to go through promos and give feedback every week for more hours than I had. I’ve decided to put the weekly show on the shelf, and try out for a monthly podcast. I’ve only done one since the summer, but I think that I’m all but ready for a monthly stint, with a regular schedule. I will try for twice monthly, but doing it once a month, I can commit.

The bigger commitment I’d like to pursue are two deep dives into music: music production and DJing. Fortunately, the latter has sort of been taking shape in my current town of San Luis Obispo, where I’ve done my radio show for years. Along with some friends, I’ve organized two very successful DJ gigs at a local brewery, where the crowds were overflowing. We are anticipating yet anther event just like it, barring any changes in the weather. I’m very happy about that, and after years of trying to get something off the ground, even a stable network of DJs, I think we finally have it going now. It takes a village, they say, and I think that we have a good village of quality selectors in my town who are very deep in their selections nd very experienced as DJs. We’ve developed something that’s been good, and I look forward for the magic to continue.

Regarding music production, I found that I’ve fallen quite behind in that area, even though I have been exploring with other tools and the like. But now I think I’ve finally found a way to get things done more effectively, while working with others too. Old things to finish, new things to explore, and just ensuring really that whatever I start, I can finish. Finishing what I started, from a song to a course, has befuddled me for ages. Not easy to do when I spend eight hours a day, five days a week on things that are not related to music. I’m working on that angle, too. But I’m very bullish on getting more in touch with my creative side, because it’s important to me, as important as the air I breathe. I am committed to that, but I hope now that it’s better planned out. We’ll see how that goes.

Part of the music side is to continue Urban Landscapes in a monthly form. I also have other plans to share with you, but they are being fleshed out, and I hope to get those other items in place by the spring. I don’t wish to jinx up things, so I’ll let you know when they are ready.

As ever, thanks so much for your support. I plan to share more with you, when the time is ready. Until then, best wishes for you and Happy New Year!