(Mostly) January Update

It’s almost the end of January, and I think that I’m slowly coming around to getting some semblance of chaotic organization. I am still working to flesh out the coming year, but so far it seems that my plans for pushing both DJing and music production are going to come together, albeit a bit more deliberate for the latter.

Regarding DJing endeavors, it’s been surprisingly good. Our new DJ collective, Soul Dust Productions, has gotten off to a great start with two successful events since its founding, in addition to another wicked successful event and a New Year’s Eve event….all at the same local venue, Bang The Drum Brewery, which has been very generous with giving me chances to show what could potentially work. Fortunately, it’s worked out for all of us, and people really seem to enjoy something different than the usual music that they otherwise would be getting downtown.


There’s a lot to say about our success, and perhaps that will be for another post, except to say that though I’ve been told many times that I was responsible for the idea and the inspiration, truly these things cannot come tougher if people didn’t believe in its potential, in our potential. Also, those who enjoyed and attended our events have to believe in what we are doing, which is to make them fun events with music that’s outside the usual current top 40/party music vibe that management at most places see as safe bets to pull in crowds. I’d like to think that if you need a safety net, perhaps our events are not going to be people’s thing. But if you’re the adventurous, soul-loving type who years for something deep and primal, then check us out.

But enough tooting horns, except to say that we have some upcoming events that I’m really excited about. Also, we have added a bit of estrogen to our group, which made it necessary to just slightly change the wording from a DJ collective to a music collective, or even a DJ/music collective. Whatever, because these all consider themselves to be “dance captains, and one is a prospective DJ who could soon join our ranks on the decks. All-in-all, it’s very exciting to have these music-lovers and rebel rousers as part of our tribe.

As mentioned earlier, I’m slowly working my way back into music production. It’s on the slow side, but I’m also diving in deep into areas that I know will take more more time to learn, but will also help result in faster workflows in the long run. The same is happening with my DJ skills, which I also want to strengthen and polish, but I really would also like to make music, in addition to playing others music, as well as perform at some point. I’m crazy for diving this deep, but I look forward to magic happening, as well as sharing and collaborating with others in due course.

Other things will come into play soon, like the long, long awaited second edition of Urban Landscapes, post-radio. I feel that I should give it another name, so I’ll see how things go. Nevertheless, I have a bumper crop of music to both choose from and to still listen to. It’s insanity, man, but I’m going to make things work..

I have other things on my list for the year related to my musical endeavors, which I’ll share as time goes on. Also, get ready for some non-music posts, because when I have a blog, that means I also have a voice. You can guess which voice I’m referring to, but stay tuned and see if you’re right.

Right now, time to jet. Thanks for reading!