Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes – Show 17.01 (O. M. F. G.)

Hello, Beautiful People.

The last post I’ve done on this site was back in January.

The last show that I’ve made available was back in October 2016.

For. Shame.

I won’t bother you with all of the goings-on that have been taking place since that period, except that indeed I’ve been very busy with loads of things. Okay really, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with stuff, and had to decide to pare down some things, let other things wait, and just get to the point where I can get enough space to decide if keeping up with doing this show is worth it, given the challenge of my lack of time.

Ultimately, the answer is yes. I love the new music…most of it, anyway….that comes into my inbox, especially since pulling myself off quite a few promo lists that ultimately did not suit me or the integrity of how I choose the music that I support.

All of this is in tandem with how I want to live my life, going forward. I have done a lot of work to decide on this, but I still have a lot to do. But I enjoy Urban Landscapes, and I enjoy supporting the great labels, artists, and industry professionals who are just as passionate. Oh, and I can’t forget the fans, which apparently I’ve left you in wait. I’m sorry about that.

Another thing that has been taking up some of my time is a DJ collective that I’ve formed here in San Luis Obispo, California called Soul Dust Productions. It consists of many of the town’s most respective DJs and true-blue supporters who are passionate about good music and quality parties. We’ve formed in November 2016, and so far it’s been an awesome experience. It’s been a learning experience leading the charge, and knowing that there’s no way that I could do this on my own, it’s great to earn the trust of the guys and gals flanking our special collective. I’m sure to share more about it in the future. Feel free to add us to keep up with the goings-on via Soul Dust Productions on Facebook, or on Instagram at @souldustpro.

So now, on to the new shows. The plan, and I will do my best to keep up, is to produce at least two shows a month. Some shows will be freestyle and eclectic, and others full-on club mixes, just as my shows have been in recent years. Because of the crazy time schedule, I’ve decided to focus on select music since May of this year, and making the show into two parts. Please check to make sure that you get Shows 17.01, which is this one, and then 17.02, which will follow this one. Again, look for them both so that you don’t miss them.

I’ll have more in the next posting for 17.02. But do please enjoy this edition of Urban Landscapes.

I love you all, and thanks again for your patience and for your support.


Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes
Show 17.01 – July 31, 2017

Song – Artist – Release – Label
Everything Is Everything – Sly5thAve – Composite EP – Tru Thoughts
Bottom of the Bucket – Hot 8 Brass Band – Tru Thoughts
Rise N Shine – Alex Rocks Feat. Sleep Sinatra – Rise N Shine – Lovemonk
Moonlight Creedence – Alex Rocks Feat. Jessica Fitoussi – Rise N Shine – Lovemonk
Whole Of London – Nina Miranda – Six Degrees
Kang Ding Love – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Year Of The Funky – Légère
Year Of The Funky – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Year Of The Funky – Légère
Felag Mengu – Nomade Orquestra – Entremundos – Far Out
Rinoceronte Blues – Nomade Orquestra – Entremundos – Far Out
Pra Fuder (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix) – Mais Um Discos
Bossa B (Glenn Astro Remix) – Hector Plimmer – EP – Albert’s Favourites
Dizzy’s Bounce (Opolopo Remix) – Bahama Soul Club – The Havana Remixes – Buyù
Rumba Fugaz (Jack&Jointz Remix) – Bahama Soul Club – The Havana Remixes – Buyù
We Can Do It – BB Boogie feat. Vanessa Freeman – Standing On The Wall – R2 Records
Sweating And Shaking (On The Dance Floor) – BB Boogie feat. Monica Blaire – Standing On The Wall – R2 Records
Red Hot – Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap – Make Love Our Destiny EP – Crew Love
No Habla feat. John Camp – Wolf + Lamb – EP – W+L Records
Shine (This Is It) (Scott Grooves Deepah Dub) – Soul Clap featuring Nona Hendryx – EP – Classic Music Company
Clareia – Sabrina Malheiros – Far Out
Take It Back (feat Doc Brown) – The Haggis Horns – Haggis
Blinded Souls – Soothsayers – Speak To My Soul EP – Wah Wah 45s