(Mostly) January Update

It’s almost the end of January, and I think that I’m slowly coming around to getting some semblance of chaotic organization. I am still working to flesh out the coming year, but so far it seems that my plans for pushing both DJing and music production are going to come together, albeit a bit more deliberate for the latter.

Regarding DJing endeavors, it’s been surprisingly good. Our new DJ collective, Soul Dust Productions, has gotten off to a great start with two successful events since its founding, in addition to another wicked successful event and a New Year’s Eve event….all at the same local venue, Bang The Drum Brewery, which has been very generous with giving me chances to show what could potentially work. Fortunately, it’s worked out for all of us, and people really seem to enjoy something different than the usual music that they otherwise would be getting downtown.


There’s a lot to say about our success, and perhaps that will be for another post, except to say that though I’ve been told many times that I was responsible for the idea and the inspiration, truly these things cannot come tougher if people didn’t believe in its potential, in our potential. Also, those who enjoyed and attended our events have to believe in what we are doing, which is to make them fun events with music that’s outside the usual current top 40/party music vibe that management at most places see as safe bets to pull in crowds. I’d like to think that if you need a safety net, perhaps our events are not going to be people’s thing. But if you’re the adventurous, soul-loving type who years for something deep and primal, then check us out.

But enough tooting horns, except to say that we have some upcoming events that I’m really excited about. Also, we have added a bit of estrogen to our group, which made it necessary to just slightly change the wording from a DJ collective to a music collective, or even a DJ/music collective. Whatever, because these all consider themselves to be “dance captains, and one is a prospective DJ who could soon join our ranks on the decks. All-in-all, it’s very exciting to have these music-lovers and rebel rousers as part of our tribe.

As mentioned earlier, I’m slowly working my way back into music production. It’s on the slow side, but I’m also diving in deep into areas that I know will take more more time to learn, but will also help result in faster workflows in the long run. The same is happening with my DJ skills, which I also want to strengthen and polish, but I really would also like to make music, in addition to playing others music, as well as perform at some point. I’m crazy for diving this deep, but I look forward to magic happening, as well as sharing and collaborating with others in due course.

Other things will come into play soon, like the long, long awaited second edition of Urban Landscapes, post-radio. I feel that I should give it another name, so I’ll see how things go. Nevertheless, I have a bumper crop of music to both choose from and to still listen to. It’s insanity, man, but I’m going to make things work..

I have other things on my list for the year related to my musical endeavors, which I’ll share as time goes on. Also, get ready for some non-music posts, because when I have a blog, that means I also have a voice. You can guess which voice I’m referring to, but stay tuned and see if you’re right.

Right now, time to jet. Thanks for reading!


Freshening Up 2017

Happy New Year, good people.

2016 has been a continuation of a few transitional years that I’ve gone through, throwing out some things, trying out others, and trying to find out what works. The period has been interesting. Really, the year has been interesting, and not just because of the crazy political campaign that has turned into political crazytown. It’s also because of the juggling that I’ve been doing that needed some reigning in.

If you’re good to yourself, hopefully you’ve taken the time to assess what the previous year has brought you in terms of your goals and objectives for the year, and you’ve by now decided how to proceed. I, too, have taken some time to figure things out. And while I”m unsure if I’ve completed fleshed out everything, I think that at least I have some anchors to play with, knowing of those other things that are best left on the shelf. For instance, attempting to resurrect Urban Landscapes as a weekly radio show just wasn’t going to work in the end. Preparing for the show took a great deal of time in of itself, but then other things related, from the weekly transpiration that was getting both time-consuming and expensive, to the need to have to go through promos and give feedback every week for more hours than I had. I’ve decided to put the weekly show on the shelf, and try out for a monthly podcast. I’ve only done one since the summer, but I think that I’m all but ready for a monthly stint, with a regular schedule. I will try for twice monthly, but doing it once a month, I can commit.

The bigger commitment I’d like to pursue are two deep dives into music: music production and DJing. Fortunately, the latter has sort of been taking shape in my current town of San Luis Obispo, where I’ve done my radio show for years. Along with some friends, I’ve organized two very successful DJ gigs at a local brewery, where the crowds were overflowing. We are anticipating yet anther event just like it, barring any changes in the weather. I’m very happy about that, and after years of trying to get something off the ground, even a stable network of DJs, I think we finally have it going now. It takes a village, they say, and I think that we have a good village of quality selectors in my town who are very deep in their selections nd very experienced as DJs. We’ve developed something that’s been good, and I look forward for the magic to continue.

Regarding music production, I found that I’ve fallen quite behind in that area, even though I have been exploring with other tools and the like. But now I think I’ve finally found a way to get things done more effectively, while working with others too. Old things to finish, new things to explore, and just ensuring really that whatever I start, I can finish. Finishing what I started, from a song to a course, has befuddled me for ages. Not easy to do when I spend eight hours a day, five days a week on things that are not related to music. I’m working on that angle, too. But I’m very bullish on getting more in touch with my creative side, because it’s important to me, as important as the air I breathe. I am committed to that, but I hope now that it’s better planned out. We’ll see how that goes.

Part of the music side is to continue Urban Landscapes in a monthly form. I also have other plans to share with you, but they are being fleshed out, and I hope to get those other items in place by the spring. I don’t wish to jinx up things, so I’ll let you know when they are ready.

As ever, thanks so much for your support. I plan to share more with you, when the time is ready. Until then, best wishes for you and Happy New Year!



Velanche’s Urban Landscapes Mix 001 – October 2016


It’s been awhile coming, but here is the first of what I hope will be a number of mixes, in the spirit of my former radio show. I am still inundated with music left and right, and I am getting super, super picky these days, as my time is very compressed. Hopefully, you’ll feel like you’re reaping the rewards by the quality sounds.

At least one mix will be a more eclectic selection, and another will be more of a club mix. I thought that I’d start off with an eclectic, freestyle selection. There was way more that I wanted to put in than I had time for, but there are some incredible albums that you need to check out, and a few of them are represented nicely here.

Hope you dig; back with more soon!

Urban Landscapes Mix 001
October 2016

Song – Artist – Release – Label
Make ’em Pass – My Trippin’ Mojo – Resistant Mindz
Another Sunrise – Hannah Williams & The Affirmations – Late Night & Heartbreak — Record Kicks
Woman Got Soul – Hannah Williams & The Affirmations – Late Night & Heartbreak – Record Kicks
Upwards from the Ground – Carleen Anderson – Cage Street Memorial – Freestyle
Deliverance – Carleen Anderson – Cage Street Memorial – Freestyle
Sunshine – Myles Sanko – Just Being Me – Légère
Just Being Me – Myles Sanko – Just Being Me – Légère
Shuffle Them Shoes feat. Hollie Cook (Jago & Ghost Writerz Remix) – Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – EP – Tru Thoughts
Day Dreamin – Falkwun – In:soul
Mammy Hot Daddy Cool – Big Youth – Mr. Bongo Record Club Volume One – Mr. Bongo
Yu Ya Yumma – Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy – Philophon
Sem Sombra – Pedro Santos – Krishnanda – Mr. Bongo
Desengano Da Vista – Pedro Santos – Krishnanda – Mr. Bongo
Agua Viva – Pedro Santos – Krishnanda – Mr. Bongo
Muevelo Papi ft. Olvido Ruiz – Bahama Soul Club – Havana ’58 – Buyú
Eleggua ft Sexto Sentido – Bahama Soul Club – Havana ’58 – Buyú
Rumba Fugaz ft Arema Arega – Bahama Soul Club -Havana ’58 – Buyú
El Mercado – Alex Rodriguez – Mr. Bongo Record Club Vol. 1 – Mr. Bongo
Think Twice – Takuya Kuroda – Zigzagger – Concord
The Travelling Song (Kyoto Jazz Sextet Remix) – Pete Josef – Remixes EP – Compost
Crumble – JetTricks presents Sam Spence – Make It Through – s/r
Where’s That Love – JetTricks presents Sam Spence – Make It Through – s/r
Caught Counting ft. Lizzy Parks & Azaxx – Diesler – Sounds Familiar – A Little Something
Downtown Express – Diesler – Sounds Familiar – A Little Something
Numb ft. Ebony Houston – Soul Clap – Crew Love
Searchin I (4 That Familiar Feelin) – Mndsgn – Body Wash – Stones Throw
Afro Funky (Original Mix) – Diesler & Yam Who? Feat Andre Espeut – EP – A Little Something
Cosmic Perspective – Mndsgn – Body Wash – Stones Throw
San Gorgonio – Lost Midas – Tru Thoughts
All Or Nothing – Chrome Sparks – Counter



Hello…How Are You?

Greetings, folks. At the moment, I’m sipping a delicious cup of hot cocoa at Blackhorse Espresso, a favorite hangout of mine. When I was living on the other side of the campus of Cal Poly, I frequented one of Blackhorse’s now four locations, which was in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. The other three locations also occupy the city, but the Foothill location, closer to Cal Poly, has been around for at least 2-3 years. Because I live closer to campus, this is one of the great local San Luis Obispo cafes where I will pop in, get some bevs and munchies, then settle in a seat a table, getting stuff done. I usually have an agenda, but I’m more organized at some times than I am others. It’s almost always music-related, or at least most of the time it is.

At this moment, it is, in a way, music-related in what I’m currently doing, which is composing this blog, to let you know what I’ve been up to.

As you may know, I have decided to put my radio show on pause. It was something that I was reluctant to do, and have attempted to do so a few times. I have no regrets about it, as it has allowed me more time to have some space. As a consequence, I have not listened to all of the music that’s been piling up in my inbox for almost a month. I don’t feel sorry about that; I do appreciate all the support from the labels, producers, and promo professionals who do look up to me as a resource. I’m really appreciative of that, and I’ll aways be appreciative.

But here’s the thing about what I’ve done with my radio show: it’s been said that quality in delivers quality out. I spent around 5-6 hours/week, sometimes more, giving my attention to going through all of that music. The way it works is: I get music, and usually I have to listen to a song or two or more per promo. Understand that listening to the promo is not the same as listening to it on my iPhone, because I have to physically be at the computer, and be focused. The listening part can be 1-2 songs per release, but sometimes it’s a whole album. I have more time to listen to those few songs for one release, but not 12 tracks for an album. And I have to do all that via streaming, on the Internet, which means I need to be at a place with, at the least, a fast Internet connection. Then I have to give my feedback on the release; only after I do so is a download link made available for me to put on my computer, and maybe use for a show or mix.

In addition to the preparation, there’s doing the show, and then there’s the post-production of editing the raw recording, which is just the music, then doing what are called stop sets, which are essentially voice overs, putting together the playlist, which has to be completed manually, then uploading both the show and the blog before publishing both to the world. That’s another 2-3 hours; for one person, that’s a lot of work.

I’ve been happy to do it, but I’ve reached an inflection point. For the last few years, I’ve attempted music production. There is a lot to knowing about it, especially if I want to work at getting good at it. It’s been an on-again, off-again thing…mainly off. There are a variety of reasons why my beat making journey has taken its own sweet time. The more I wanted to scratch that itch, the more that something had to give way.

What finally had me decided to go all in? Asides from the fact that I was feeling very left out, in spite of all of the acquisitions that I now possess to make music, I have lost something else in the last year: my weight.

While reading (reading = listening to audiobooks) a book sometime last year, the author recommended another book called “Why We Get Fat (And What To Do About It),” by Gary Taubes. I should let you know that I’m not a diet person; that is, I never followed those fad diet books. But I have weigh as much as 240 pounds. For the last 3 years, my weight hovered between 225-235 pounds. I was on five different medications…for cholesterol, and for high blood pressure. As Taubes states about his book, it in of itself is not a diet book; rather, it’s a book that made the case that current public policy and medical orthodoxy doctrine has contributed to the most obese population in history. The book goes into great detail on how this came to be, using historical and current data for a myriad of sources, concluding in the end that carbohydrate-rich foods resulted in the obesity epidemic, rather than people’s willpower, or lack thereof, among other myths. At the end of the book, there were recommendations on what to eat, as well as what not to eat. It might not be what you’d expect: for example, foods such as whole eggs, meat (yes, even bacon) were encouraged, but other foods such as black beans, brown rice, wheat bread, cereal, were off-limits (I mentioned those “dont’s” because, at least in another book I read, these were considered to be “good” for me. Instead, I think those foods helped maintained my weight, rather than lowering them. And somehow, they also contributed to keeping all of the bad stuff in my body there.

As it was, though, not only am I about 15 pounds closer to my high school weight, but I was able to ditch all of my medications. All of them! (Current, my weight is just over 200 pounds.) To me, that was the most amazing thing. Plus, my energy has gone up. And at my age, I think that most folks would feel as if their bodies are in decline. Not me.

What’s the point of me writing about the weight change? It’s that it became to catalyst for checking out other things in my life. Music production, and just getting involved with music in general, is a much higher priority for me. I have other priorities and aspirations too, but this has been one that’s been hanging around my neck like an albatross. I’ve been wanting to make it happen for years, but I was trying to do way too much, music-related or not, and the results ended up being a bunch of things that end up never getting done. Plans ended up laying in waste, strewn across the virtual floor.

I was determined to make the change that need to happen to move forward, so letting go of the radio show was one thing. I’m not yet sure if totally letting go of music feedback and reactions will be next; I find that I need lots of space, and it may be an expensive thing in terms of time and resources, but there are some things that have to be all or nothing, and I think that may be next…I haven’t decided. It’s going to depend on how well I can keep up, versus music production.

Music production, it turns out, is a lot to learn, and finding the time to be fair was taxing in of itself. But if they say that steady is the race, then at the least I did stayed steady. It wasn’t always consistent, it wasn’t always ideal, and trust me that it wasn’t always fun, but I stayed on course, even if that course was haphazard. There were a few times when I quit, or at least threatened to. At the least, I did recognized them for what they were, which were signals that I needed to stop for awhile. And I think those stops saved me from total abandonment, which is a good thing.

So that’s where I stand right now. And I’m going to also start to share, at least selectively, my experience in production. Maybe I’ll share the music of others, as well as my own, but if you choose to be part of that journey that I’m embarked on, you’re welcome to it. I might have other things to say that have nothing to do with music, but you’ll know that when I know.

I’m going to end it here, because this has become longer than I expected it! I will do my best to keep you in the loop at least weekly, maybe every two weeks at most. Find me on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram. You can also send me a message via the Contact link on this site.

Be good; peace.


Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes – Show 16.16

Not sure how surprising this news is, but it’s true that, at least for the foreseeable future, this is my last edition of Urban Landscapes.

Stop me, if you heard this before; old news, yes? Sometimes, what I hoe to do, and what actually happens, can collide. It turns out that my current aspiration, music production, takes more time than I’ve been devoting. Preparations for the show also took time to prepare, to do it, and all of the post-production to give it to you, week-after-week.

I can’t say for sure yet if I’ll revisit it, but I know that letting it go is the right thing to do.

And with that, I give you a new show with an uptempo mix that I hope you’ll enjoy…loads of new joints, alongside a few recent favorites to round it all out.

So there you have it. Thank you for listening. Thanks to Hal and the folks at 97.3 The Rock in Morro Bay, California, for giving me a spot to share the incredible music with you. Of course, big ups to the promoters, the artists, the labels, and everyone working hard to keep independent music flowing. Most of all, thanks to all of my listeners…you are terrific. Keep the Urban Landscapes feed burning, and keep you eyes on the blog. I will have mixes, and let you know of other things as they come, perhaps even some music that I’ll share too.

Stay well and good, and again…many thanks!


Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes – Show 16.16
July 30, 2016

Song – Artist – Label
Yeap – JP Soul – Roam
Party On – JP Soul – Roam
Secret River Freaks
Make Your Body Move – Doug Gomez – Toy Tonics
Get Into – Sandy Turnbull – Galleria
Sex – Black Loops – Toy Tonics
Orca (John Tejada Remix) – SevenDoors – Exploited
Gohar – Shahrokh Dini – Compost
Milarepa – Jag Kiranmay – Seva
Nightcall (Rare Candy Remix) – Max Olsen Feat. Nika Dostur – DRNCD
See The Line feat. Angela – Lopezhouse – Exploited
Dancin’ – Full Intention – Full Intention
Housego – Greenside (Oldskool Flava Mix)
Love Life (GF Dub Mix) – Genetic Funk & Michelle Weeks – Grounded
Tomorrow (Josh Feedblack Remix) – Mavee Feat. Maria Angeli – VillaHangar
Ten Miles High (Derrick Carter Dub) – Roison Murphy – PIAS
Going On (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix) – Pixel82 – Toy Tonics
Fear – ENNE – Karmaloft
Waterfalls – Moritz Butschek feat. Ferdinand Zar – Toy Tonics
Ice Cream (Extended Mix) – Soundopamine – Krafted
When There Was House (QuestionmarQ Remix) – Corrugated Tunnel feat. Droze – Vision Collective
The Man Who Lived Underground (Ricardo Villalobos Remix One) – Freaks – Music ForFreaks